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Easter Weekend Recipe Review

Easter weekend looked very different this year for my family, as it probably did for most of you. My family has Easter traditions we look forward to every year. To give everyone a little background, my great uncle started Modern Apizza in New Haven, Connecticut. Those who know New Haven Pizza know the three original …

lemon pound cake
Baking Dessert Sweet

Lemon Pound Cake

A dash of lemon makes this gluten free pound cake stand out! Indulge in the rich decadent cake without the gluten! The story behind pound cake is one that I have always loved! This decadent cake gets its name from having a pound of flour, sugar, eggs, and of course butter! In my family pound …

gluten free bagel
Baking Breakfast

Gluten Free Bagels

Making Gluten Free Bagels at home fills the house with the smell of baked goods and is much more satisfying than store bought frozen bagels. I am going to start this recipe off by saying it was NOT very easy. These bagels came out much better than those you buy at the grocery store, but …

gluten free chocolate mug cake
Baking Dessert

Gluten Free Chocolate Mug Cake

Indulge in this gluten free chocolate mug cake anytime you’d like. Rich chocolaty flavor without the commitment or time of a full cake! Sometimes you need a warm dessert to end your day, but making three dozen cookies is not the simplest task. Not only is this dessert prepared and cooked within five minutes, but …